In Africa, it’s hard to not see poverty and hardship around every corner. With this in mind, we knew we could not run luxury lodges and safaris without giving something back to the communities that make it all happen. We have partnered with local organisations to allow our guests the opportunity to give a “hand up” rather than a “hand out”. We firmly believe that this method is better for both parties and even think that the “givers” will actually receive more! As you learn to weave a basket or a hat, we hope that you make an authentic connection with our local friends that will leave a lasting impression in their hearts and yours.

Teaching Weaving

We support the community, this is a women's group in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, they teach our guests to weave baskets, mats, hats and these wonderful ladies entertain our dear guests at our Gorilla Safari Lodge. We buy all food and local products from the community thereby supporting them and the local economy. Crystal Lodges Uganda strives to uplift Uganda and its people, and we encourage you to participate in local activities to both learn and support these communities.