Gorilla Safari Lodge and Crater Safari Lodge are both a one-hour flight from Entebbe International Airport directly to either Kisoro or Kasese Airstrips respectively.

Our  lodges  offer an exciting range of safari activities from their luxurious camp base.

Gorilla Safari Lodge

To many this is a dream come true Gorilla safari lodge is strategically located just a few minutes from the Gorilla trekking starting point for the groups of Nshongi, Mishaya, Kahungye, Busingye, Bweza and Nkuringo. 
Located on the boundary of Bwindi National Park, home of nearly half of the world’s remaining magnificent mountain gorillas

By air
Charter flights are available from Entebbe International Airport or from Kajjansi Airfield to Kisoro Airstrip, with a road transfer from the airstrip to the lodge.

By road 

Travel from Kampala crossing through the Equator through Mbarara onto Kabale.  Continue to Kisoro and branch off at  Muko (banyenzaki memorial) and follow the Gorilla safari lodge signs on to Rushaga where  the lodge is located.

Kampala-kabale =427kms

Kabale –Muko =50kms

Muko-Gorilla safari lodge = 25kms

From Rwanda:

Travel from Kigali to Cyanika boarder then Proceed to kisoro town and continue  to Rubuguli and on to Rushaga where the lodge is located.

Please follow the signs right from Kisoro town.

Kigali – Cyanika boarder =205kms

Cyanika boarder – Kisoro = 54kms

Kisoro – Gorilla safari lodge = 35kms
Crater Safari Lodge

Located on the banks of Lake Nyinbulitwa where chimpanzees live in abundance.

By air
Fly from Entebbe International Airport or from Kajjansi Airfield either to Kasese or Fort-portal airstrip. Take a road transfer from the airstrip to Crater Safari Lodge.

By road
Travel from Kampala through Mubende to Fortportal. Continue via the Kamwenge Route and branch off at the Crater Safari Lodge sign post on your right. (338kms)

Alternatively travel from Kampala crossing through the equator through Mbarara to Kasese. Continue to Fortportal to Kibale Park and onto Crater Safari lodge. (558kms)

The drive from Entebbe International Airport to Crater Safari Lodge takes 5 hours.