Our unforgettable safari activities include meeting the shy and mysterious mountain gorillas of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park and the playful and utterly charming chimpanzees of Kibale Forest National Park.


Our lodges provide the perfect base to enjoy a range of unmissable adventures.

Gorilla Safari Lodge activities


Gorilla Trekking/ Gorilla Habituation(only Bwindi Forest/ Rushaga sector):

Gorilla Trekking is one of the most unforgettable experiences you can have. Take a 5 minutes walk  from the lodge to the starting point of trekking the gorillas. You will be briefed about your gorilla trekking adventure after which you will be led by experienced gorilla trackers on the slopes of the volcanoes. You will start from the site where the gorillas were encountered the day before and from here the gorilla tracking begins. Although the hike can be physically demanding, the anticipation of the exciting experience ahead is amazing, and the beauty of the gorilla forest and its inhabitants are fascinating. One of Africa’s major highlights is when you encounter these gentle apes. It is a humbling experience to stand just meters from man’s distant cousins as they eat rest, play and bond with their young ones. Follow the mountain gorillas as they range freely in the impenetrable forest, and discover their gorgeous natural habitual and the many species they share it with. You are allowed an hour with the gorillas before finally sloping down back to your lodge . A truly amazing and memorable experience.

Gorilla Trekking permit is $600

The Gorilla Experience means spending all day on a trek in the forest which includes 4 hours with a gorilla family. It is only available in Uganda (Rushaga) where our lodge is located. This incredible experience must be well booked in advance since there are only a total of 8 visitors allowed, 4 per group, unlike a normal gorilla tracking where you have 8 participants in one group. This is an intimate, one of a kind, experience where you are with researchers, trackers, rangers, conservationist, all part of getting a gorilla family used to human presence, a process which takes ± 2-3 years.

Gorilla Habituation permit is $1,500

 Guided Forest Walk to the Bayenda Falls:

After breakfast hike to the pretty water falls known as the Bayenda water falls.  The walk takes you through the rain forest where your guide will  explain the flora and fauna along the way.  During the walk, you will hear all different melodies from singing birds,different species of birds, monkeys as they do the canopy sway from one tree to another, if lucky see the wild elephants, hear the rolling sounds of the water fall. The walk may take approximately one hour each way to and from the falls.  Its a more relaxing walk in the Impenetrable Forest. Its  an exciting and emotional experience.


Mountain Biking with our guide:

The Lodge has all the biking gears, here are some of the biking routes

From the lodge to Lake Mutanda-$80

This ride will give you the opportunity to go around Lake Mutanda on bike.  You will start from Gorilla Safari Lodge. This route will lead  you through the local villages, local farm steads and Matooke (banana) fields, giving you a chance to interact with the local people, absorbing history and soaking in Ugandas western region’s natural beauty – all on a bike! You will get a stop over to get a bite of some local fruits.

From Lodge to Lake Muhele-$60 per pax

From Lodge to Nkuringo-$50 per pax

Image result for biking photos in Bwindi

Community  visits and Culture:

Gorilla Safari  Lodge  for years and years we have been supporting the Batwa community around the lodge. We are supporting the local school, the Rushaga women group who usually entertain our guests with folk songs and traditional dances, they also teach our guests how to weave baskets, mats, hats. Our guide will show you the community and you will also learn from which trees or plants are medicine  and lastly visit their homesteads.