Our Lodges

Established in 2008, Crystal Lodges Uganda have welcomed guests from all over the world and taken great pride in providing once-in-a-lifetime safari experiences.

Crystal Lodges Uganda offers two different camps each with a very distinct character but both offering incomparable luxury and unique wildlife activities.

Gorilla Safari Lodge


The Gorilla Safari Lodge is a relaxed and luxurious lodge on the boundary line of Bwindi Forest. The lodge focuses on top quality service, good food and comfortable accommodation providing the ideal base for outstanding gorilla trekking opportunities.

Crater Safari Lodge

On the banks of the Nyinabulitwa Crater Lake and just a few minutes away from the lush green tropical rainforest of Kibale Forest National Park, Crater Safari Lodge offers exceptional comfort, breath-taking scenery and the very best opportunities for spectacular wildlife safaris and chimpanzee observation.